Samples of our Music


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Audio Samples

Mountain Dulcimers – These are an indigenous American folk instrument from the southern Appalachian region of the U.S.

Genoa Country Store



  • Beautiful Dreamer – two dulcimers
  • Arkansas Traveler – two dulcimers
  • Watercress – excerpt from original dulcimer solo
  • Tennessee Waltz – dulcimer & guitar




  • Halting March – Traditional Irish tune
  • Rockhound’s Dream sample – original dance tune composed by Stan

Stan  uses either an electric or regular mandolin, depending on the occasion.




  • Evo Banke/Basso – Gypsy tunes
  • Little Redwing, a folk tune
  • Korobushka – Russian tune



  • Waterbound with Stan on dulcimer and Jo doing vocals with guitar
  • Dona Dona with Stan on guitar and Jo doing vocals



Stan has also written a number of original songs, including (but not limited to):  I’m So Green That It Hurts, Garage Sale in the Sky, The Poly Song, Corn Factory, Alpha Brain Waves, Mr. DIY, Pre-Approved, Manopause, and Shale Oil Blues.

Jo has come up with Home to Stay, Half a Nadan Blues, Get on Board for the Drama, Alpine County and To the Library.

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