September 2017: Announcing our latest CD, Chocolate Icing. This one features dulcimer, guitar and recorder music. Three of the tunes were composed by Stan including Chocolate IcingDetermined, and Contra Boogie  and one was created by Johanna, known as Canyon Reverie.

Chocolate Icing

  1. Chocolate Icing – dulcimer, guitar
  2. Hieland Laddie, Determined – two dulcimers
  3. Skye Boat Song – guitar, alto recorder
  4. Red Wing – guitar, alto recorder
  5. Liberty, St. Anne’s Reel – two dulcimers
  6. John Barleycorn – guitar, alto recorder
  7. Muss I Denn – two dulcimers
  8. Evo Banke, Basso – guitar, alto recorder
  9. Lamplighting Time – guitar, dulcimer
  10. Parson’s Farewell – guitar, dulcimer
  11. Contra Boogie – two guitars
  12. Canyon Reverie – dulcimer
  13. Korobushka – guitar, alto recorder
  14. Country Gardens, Girl I Left Behind Me – two dulcimers
  15. Reuben’s Train – guitar, dulcimer


May 2017: We’ve finished (and survived) round two of recording! Our new CDs are Rockhound’s Dream II and Lupine Land II. On each, we kept some of the original recordings, moved some of the mandolin pieces to the other CD, then added a few new selections, especially featuring more mountain dulcimer. On Waterbound, vocals accompany the dulcimer. Unless otherwise specified, “mandolin” refers to Stan playing an electric mandolin and “bass” is a bass machine. Note: * denotes original tunes composed by Stan.

Rockhound’s Dream II

  1. Cherokee Shuffle, Rockhound’s Dream* – mandolin, guitar
  2. Beautiful Dreamer – two dulcimers
  3. Tarantella, Dan O’Keefe’s  & Ballyfin Slides – mandolin, guitar, bass
  4. Watercress* – dulcimer solo by Stan
  5. Reel de Montreal, Spotted Pony – mandolin, guitar, bass
  6. Shoes and Stockings – two dulcimers
  7. Load of Hay, Old Grey Cat – mandolin, guitar
  8. Wildflowers – dulcimer , harmonica
  9. Connaughtsman’s Rambles, My Darling Asleep – mandolin, guitar
  10. The Man on the Flying Trapeze – dulcimer, guitar
  11. Halting March, Ballydesmond Polka #2 – mandolin, guitar
  12. Little Redwing, Liza Jane – two dulcimers
  13. Coleman’s March – two guitars
  14. Turkey in the Straw – guitar, alto recorder
  15. Butterfly, Coleraine – mandolin, guitar
  16. Ashgrove, Simple Gifts – two dulcimers

Lupine Land II

  1. Lupine Land* – guitar solo by Stan (birds tweeting in background)
  2. Over the Waterfall, Arkansas Traveler – two dulcimers
  3. Bonaparte Crossing the Rockies, March of the Crows – mandolin, guitar
  4. America the Beautiful – two dulcimers
  5. Banjo Aristocracy, Sail Away Ladies – mandolin, guitar, bass
  6. Liberty, St. Anne’s Reel – two dulcimers
  7. Paw Paw Patch, Billy in the Lowground – two guitars
  8. Star of the County Down, Drunken Sailor, Ghost Riders – dulcimer, guitar
  9. Dennis Murphy’s Polka, Ryan’s Polka, Coleman’s March – mandolin, guitar, bass
  10. Waterbound – dulcimer, guitar, vocals
  11. Rights of Man, The Cuckoo – mandolin, guitar
  12. Rose of San Antone – two dulcimers
  13. Korobushka (the Peddler’s Box) – guitar, alto recorder
  14. Tennessee Waltz – dulcimer, guitar
  15. Seneca Square Dance, Temperance Reel – mandolin, guitar
  16. Cold Frosty Morning, Devil’s Dream – mandolin, guitar


May 2016: We have just completed our first CDs, Rockhound’s Dream and Lupine Land. We now understand why musicians take time off from performances for the process – it was a very interesting couple of months!

RHWebPic.jpg   LupineWebPic

Rockhound’s Dream is a tune composed by Stan on mandolin, while Lupine Land is one he made up for guitar. The birds in the background on some of the selections were recorded in our backyard one spring morning. Watercress was created by him on the mountain dulcimer. Photos were compiled from hiking trips in Nevada and California.

KEY:  [M = Mandolin, G = Guitar, D = Mountain Dulcimer, R = Alto Recorder, Folk = American Folk]

Here’s a breakdown of tunes on Rockhound’s Dream:

  1. Cherokee Shuffle (Old Time), Rockhound’s Dream (Original) – M, G
  2. Ashgrove (English Folk), Simple Gifts (Gospel) – Two Ds
  3. Cold Frosty Morning (Old Time), Devil’s Dream (Bluegrass) – M, G
  4. Skye Boat Song (Scottish Folk) – G, R
  5. She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mtn, Camptown Races (Folk) – D, G
  6. Redwing (Folk) – Two Ds
  7. I’ve Been Working on the Railroad (Folk) – Two Ds
  8. Paw Paw Patch (Folk), Billy in the Lowground (Bluegrass) – Two Gs
  9. Reel de Montreal (Celtic), Spotted Pony (Old Time) – M, G
  10. Down Yonder – (1920s Pop Song) – Two Ds
  11. Rights of Man (Celtic), The Cuckoo (Old Time) – M, G
  12. Sheebeg and Sheemore (Celtic) – Two Ds
  13. Star of the County Down (Irish Folk) – G, R
  14. Tarantella (Italian), Dan O’Keefe’s & Ballyfin Slides (Celtic) – M, G
  15. Evo Banke (Russian Folk), Basso (Gypsy) – G, R
  16. Dreams of Alwyn (Celtic) – D
  17. Julianne Johnson, Cindy, Rock the Cradle Joe (Old Time) – D, G
  18. Connaughtsman’s Rambles, My Darling Asleep (Celtic) – M, G
  19. Westphalia Waltz , Okeechobee Waltz (Old Time) – Two Ds

Here’s a breakdown of tunes on Lupine Land:

  1. Lupine Land (original by Stan) – G
  2. Over the Waterfall, Arkansas Traveler (Old Time) – Two Ds
  3. Banjo Aristocracy, Sail Away Ladies (Old Time) – M, G
  4. Star of the County Down (Celtic), Drunken Sailor (Sea Shanty), Ghost Riders in the Sky (Cowboy) – D, G
  5. Turkey in the Straw (Folk) – G, R
  6. Waltzing Matilda (Australian Folk) – Two Ds
  7. Bonaparte Crossing the Rockies (Old Time), March of the Crows(Celtic) – M, G
  8. Redwing, Liza Jane (Folk) – Two Ds
  9. Load of Hay, Old Grey Cat (Celtic) – M, G
  10. Du Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen (German Folk) – Two Ds
  11. Korabushka a.k.a. the Peddler’s Box (Russian Folk) – G, R
  12. Watercress (original by Stan) – Dulcimer solo
  13. Butterfly, Coleraine (Celtic) – M, G
  14. Will the Circle Be Unbroken (Gospel), I’ll Fly Away (Gospel), Wabash Cannonball (Folk) – D, G
  15. Coleman’s March (Old Time) – Two Gs
  16. Sourwood Mountain, June Apple, Kitchen Girl (Old Time) – D, G
  17. Halting March, Ballydesmond Polka #2 (Celtic) – M, G
  18. Tennessee Waltz (Country) – D, G
  19. Seneca Square dance (Old Time), Temperance Reel (Celtic) – M, G
  20. Man on the Flying Trapeze (1860s Pop) – D, G